Born to be ...

OUR GIN IS AN HOMAGE TO 'FREEDOM OF SPIRIT'. We love the adventure and live for the experiences; The windblown hair, the salt on our skin, the cold air of the mountains and the free fall into life. It's all about celebrating life and living on the wild side. Don't fit the mould. Have your own mind and follow your dreams. A free spirit from a free city!
We are… Born to be Wild!


Born to be ...

Wild Child Gin uses hand-picked juniper berries, herbs such as rosemary and coriander as well as Calabrian citrus and bergamot. Careful distillation using the unique spring water captured from the Ore mountains  gives our wild spirit a gentle core. 

43,5% Vol.

Born to be ...

The foundation of our Wild Child Gin is the in the distillation, the same distillation used to develop our Vodka, Sash & Fritz. Using classic techniques, as well as several twists on convention based on the process used to produce fine wines, has led us to create a smooth, clean and creamy vodka made from pure German grain. We allow several different botanicals to develop separately using varying temperatures throughout the process. The distillation process is permanently controlled, with constant review of the temperature. The aroma and flavor profile of our Wild Child Gin has been crafted by our master distiller. We have carefully established three top notes, Earl Grey tea, rosemary and bergamot. These top notes, together with the juniper and other herbal notes, balance together to provide a fresh, earthy, and somewhat wild flavour profile. 

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks with a lemon or bergamot zest, or the classic way as a Gin & Tonic, Martini or Gimlet, the wild aroma promises surprising enjoyment. BORN TO BE... A WILD GIN!

Born to be ...

Ruby Tuesday Negroni

3cl Wild Child - Berlin Dry Gin | 2cl Ruby Port  | 1cl Campari
Stir all ingredients in a tumbler filled with ice, rub the rim of the glass with orange zest and add it to the drink for decoration.

Wild Child Gimlet

5cl Wild Child - Berlin Dry Gin | 2cl Lime Juice
Mix all ingredients in a mixing glass over ice cubes with a dash of lime juice until the glass fogs up, then strain into a pre-cooled coupette or martini glass and serve with lime zest.

Bohemian Rhapsody Martini

3 cl Wild Child - Berlin Dry Gin | 1 cl  Sash & Fritz - Der Deutsche Wodka | 1 bar spoon Ice wine (A good Riesling Auslese will also do the trick!) | 1 dash Peychaud's Bitters
Stir all ingredients in a mixing glass over ice cubes until the glass fogs up, then strain into a pre-cooled coupette or martini glass.

Wild Child Basil Smash

6cl Wild Child - Berlin Dry Gin | 3 cl lemon juice, 6-8 basil leaves, 1-2 cl sugar syrup
Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds. Strain twice through a fine strainer into a tumbler filled with ice and serve decorated with a basil leaf.

Wild Child Gin & Tonic

5cl Wild Child - Berlin Dry Gin | 1-2 pieces star anise | Indian Tonic
Fill a large burgundy glass with ice, add the gin with a piece of star anise and swivel the glass for 10 - 20 seconds, top up with Thomas Henry Tonic Water as desired and serve with a dried orange.

Wild Child Rickey

5cl   Wild Child  | 1/2  Lime | Sodawater
Fill a large tumbler or a long drink glass with ice cubes, squeeze in the juice of half a lime, add the gin and top up with soda water to taste. Serve with a stick of lemongrass as a stirrer.

Born to be ...

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